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Strength in Surrealism

Strength in Surrealism


Orginal painting is 18x 24 


In this stunning artwork by Edwin Fountain, the beauty and toil of working a cotton field are expressed in a unique and abstract way. The colors of blues, browns, and yellows blend beautifully to create a striking and harmonious palette. The workers are portrayed in an almost surreal, dream-like way, adding to the complexity and depth of the piece.


The artwork challenges the viewer to see beyond the surface-level portrayal of the workers in the cotton field, and to consider the beauty and artistry of their labor. It highlights the resilience, strength, and dignity of those who work the land, while also expressing the harsh realities of a history of oppression and exploitation


Discover the beauty and artistry of labor in Edwin Fountain's stunning artwork. Using a unique and abstract style, the piece depicts workers in a cotton field in striking blues, browns, and yellows. Look beyond the surface and consider the resilience and dignity of those who work the land in this powerful and thought-provoking artwork

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